Butterfly Conservatories

Rajabhatkhawa Butterfly Conservatory

Just in the vicinity of pristine forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve and near the Rajabhatkhawa railway station, lies the Rajabhatkhawa Butterfly Conservatory. It covers a huge area of more than 7 acres and houses a large number of different species of butterflies, many of which are charismatic and rare. The conservatory started its journey in late 2018 with a proper laboratory support from the forest department and has already welcomed more than 100 species of butterflies as well as completed the life cycle of 50 species. With each passing day, this place is gradually becoming a spot of attraction for tourists, nature enthusiasts and students.

Kulik Butterfly Conservatory

Kulik Butterfly Conservatory is situated near the main entrance of Kulik Bird Sanctuary. The land which was chosen by the forest department for establishing this conservatory happened to be a barren land but now you can see myriad butterfly species fluttering there. The conservatory is successfully running with a laboratory set up since the beginning of 2019 and has already attracted more than 60 species of butterflies. If you are a nature lover, be sure to stop by and spend some quality time there and our lab assistant will be happy to guide you around.

Ramsai Butterfly Conservatory

A magical fact about Gorumara National Park is that it harbours around 350 species of butterflies. While visiting Gorumara, if you wish to witness the life cycles of some of such resident species, you can step into Ramsai Butterfly Conservatory. This conservatory was established in the year 2013 in collaboration with the forest department and since then it is continuing its journey for the conservation of butterflies. The conservatory is maintained by a 4 member team who guide the visitors inside the conservatory. We have already recorded more than 100 species of butterflies in the conservatory among which life cycle of more than 55 butterflies has been completed. This conservatory is already popular among the tourists and excursion groups and the best part is while visiting, one can participate in butterfly release event, the memory of which can be cherished forever.