Hornbill Project

Hornbill project in Buxa Tiger Reserve and other protected areas in North Bengal

In collaboration with Nature Conservation Foundation, we are working in Buxa Tiger Reserve for conservation of Hornbills since November 2017. The work area includes hilly terrain with hard stony soil with an elevation gradient ranging from 150m-1750m.


  • Estimating the density and abundance of all the four species of hornbill found in Buxa TR.
  • Identifying hornbill nests and monitoring them throughout the breeding season which will help to enumerate the nesting period, nesting success, visitation rates by the parent bird and diversity of food item delivered at the nest.
  • Roost site monitoring specially in the non-breeding season to calculate their numbers and trying to distinguish between male, female, juvenile.
  • Building a local conservation network, with the state forest department and local villagers to protect the hornbills with regular interactions and exchange of research findings from the project.