Nature Interactions

Nature Walks

At the end of a prolonged busy schedule in weekdays, to find some solace at the weekend one can join a refreshing nature walk organized by Nature Mates at different places like Rabindra Sarobar, Salt Lake Banabitan, Eco Park, Shibpur Botanical Garden to relax and learn about urban wildlife, their variability and needs. The purpose of this arrangement is to connect individuals with nature and impart the knowledge about the locally available biodiversity.
  • Corporate Nature Walk and Nature Trail Clean-up Programme for DCB Bank at Chetla Forest and Rabindra Sarobar organized with Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP in 2018
  • Corporate Walk was organized on 9th May with Wipro at their office campus in Salt Lake Sector V in 2017
  • We arranged a Nature Walk at Ffort Raichak, Raichak during Durga Puja, 2016
  • We arranged a Moth Watch Workshop at Safari Park, Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata, for Moth week celebration with the members in 2015

Educational Tour

Students are one of the major groups who can be utilized to create this world a better place for all species. Keeping this fact in mind, Nature Mates arranges various educative excursion modules for various standards of students. The purpose of this arrangement is to orient the students with the local biodiversity and its various aspects.

Nature Photography

Photography is gaining craze with time as a major recreation among youth. Photography also is a major tool for documenting biodiversity. Merging these two facts, Nature Mates organizes various photographic exhibitions and expeditions covering various animal groups or a particular habitat.

  • Organized jointly with WBHIDCO a Bird Photography Exhibition at Pakhi Bitan, Eco Park, in March 2020
  • Organized an online Photography Competition on Wildlife Conservation in 2017
  • Organized Wildlife Photography Workshop at the library office and Banobitan Biodiversity Park, Kolkata in 2015


Nature Mates strongly believes that to fight back environmental degradation and to create a safe haven for humans and animals to survive with mutual respect, spreading awareness and engaging people about the wonders of nature is absolutely essential.

In today’s world, travelling and tourism has become a major recreation. In order to establish a connection with nature, Nature Mates designs various interactive and customized tourism modules. In these modules there is a mix of luxury and learning for the participants about habitats or particular animals. We have an expert team who accompany the guests on the trips or assist the guests in having an authentic, intimate, educative and immersive experience during these journeys.

Biodiversity Talk

Nature Mates has organised interactive sessions on various aspects of wildlife and its conservation in numerous occasions to enrich people of various age groups. These talk sessions are usually aimed at unearthing biodiversity and its importance by experienced personnel working in this field. The purpose is to help individuals and the general public who are interested to unravel the different perspectives underlying the broad subject of “Biodiversity”. It also gives the members of Nature Mates a good opportunity to reanalyse, reframe their own perspectives, and often test their own understanding on certain topics.