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Scientific intervention, based on field knowledge can change an area into a habitat for birds. Pakhibitan, of Eco Park is one such initiative which is maintained by Nature Mates, where we aspire to enhance the quality of habitat for birds to thrive comfortably.
Rajarhat Wetlands has always attracted birders from afar due to presence of several migratory as well as resident species. 197 species of birds have been recorded from this landscape so far.
Due to speedy urbanization and rapid reduction of this patch, a large number of those species will face the risk of habitat loss. This led to the idea of Pakhibitan in Eco Park, where a small undisturbed patch were converted into a bird habitat.
This new habitat for birds had become a great awareness point, where we guide the park visitors about various aspects of this wonderful life form, their need and their importance.
This project in collaboration with WBHIDCO is one of the most important futuristic approach towards conservation measures for avifauna within a congested urban landscape.


Nature Mates aspires to develop an understanding of nature from all aspects and plan issue-based activities to develop a safe and healthy haven for humans and non-humans to co-exist with mutual respect.

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