Ecological Restoration of Sundarbans Landscape

The super cyclone has devastated the life in Sundarban as in several places the saline water entered the village and also people are left with no food and shelter. Nature Mates together with the support of Hoffman Family Foundation started the year long Sundarban Post Amphan Restoration Project from September 2020.

The different activities planned under this project are:

1. Erosion Mapping
2. Water and Soil Assessment
3. Pond water quality assessment for aquaculture and household use
4. Paddy cultivation assessment and restoration
5. Fruit Tree and mangrove Plantation
6. Vegetable gardening
7. Ecological awareness

Core Team:
Diya Banerjee – Project Head
Arjan Basu Roy and Rishin Basu Roy – Team Leads
Prasun Majumdar – Team coordinator
Devsena Roychowdhury – Team coordinator and finance
Team members - Anusua, Tathagata, Masuma, Niloy, Biswajit and Shyam and not to mention the locals and villagers who are the pillars!

Our collective mission - community based ecological restoration model based on proper scientific inputs just not to revive the broken ecology but also to empower locals to fight such natural devastations in a more robust manner!