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Many of us might deeply aspire to help in the area of work we design, organize, arrange or execute, also a lot of us do identify the challenges that wildlife and environmental conservation face and most of us want to serve the purpose or cater to these issue. Volunteering can serve this purpose.

In this context, Nature Mates-Nature Club welcomes your efforts to contribute your hard work based on your capacity in any section of our work. Hence, people who are willing to contribute are welcome. Volunteers might choose the area and project they want to work in. Volunteering for multiple activities are encouraged given the volunteers will be able to carry out their responsibilities smoothly for all the areas.

We offer scope for individuals to become volunteers in various projects:

  • Medical Camps
  • Relief work
  • Water-body Restoration
  • Awareness Campaigns

Seeking an Internship?

Nature Mates- Nature Club also offers internships. Internships generally project specific under the leadership of the exiting team, will have a more rigid timeframe for specializing your endeavors for a particular project. An intern is supposed to commit certain number of days in a week for a particular time. The work can be field oriented or office based like data analysis and so on.
Nature Mates-Nature club provide internships under several projects which aim to develop skills to further pursue a career in wildlife and conservation. This will provide with the learning experiences which will allow you to be exposed to newer situation and environment and hone your skills in that particular area of work.

Contact us at if you want to intern with NMNC in any of the work mentioned in our activity page.

Nature Mates aspires to develop an understanding of nature from all aspects and plan issue-based activities to develop a safe and healthy haven for humans and non-humans to co-exist with mutual respect.

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