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Rules and Regulations
All the members are requested/notified herewith not to use in discriminatively the name of the club in any manner without the prior permission of the club authority.

All members are requested to keep a close touch with the club regularly and have a meeting at least once in a month and discuss about the improvement / achievement of our activity.

If any member/members of the club attends/attend any meeting, seminar etc. relating to club activity is/are requested to communicate the matter to the club at the earliest opportunity.

It is religiously understood that all members would follow, maintain and abide by the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.

All members are requested to notify the club in no time about all information relating to wildlife trade or act which leads to hamper / destroy or unethical to the motto of wildlife protection.

Club authority has every right to terminate/disapprove any membership, any time without showing any cause.