Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research

One of the major focus areas of Nature Mates is to conduct well-structured research on wildlife, ecology, management and conservation of wild animals in natural and modified habitats, aimed to facilitate the use of scientific research to improve wildlife conservation, its proper implementation & management practices. We hope it will make people concerned about biodiversity conservation and create new generation of students interested about wildlife research and conservation biology. We believe in generating and sharing our learning among those who seek to bring about a positive change in the field of wildlife conservation and research.

  • In collaboration with Presidency University, we are working on a WBDST project on “Studies of Butterfly Diversity and Abundance in Southern West Bengal with emphasis on Ecological and Biochemical Interactions”
  • In collaboration with NCBS, Bangalore and Forest Department we are working on “Insect Biodiversity Surveys in Buxa Tiger Reserve, Neora Valley National Park, Chilapata Range of Jaldapara Wildlife Division and Kolkata” of West Bengal.
  • Study on Hornbills at Northern part of West Bengal in collaboration with NCF and West Bengal Forest Department.
  • Study on Waders in Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.
  • In collaboration with Forest Department Study on Butterflies of Buxa Tiger Reserve with emphasis on Butterfly-plant interaction.
  • In collaboration with Forest Department Insect Biodiversity Surveys in West Bengal.
  • In collaboration with Forest Department Estimation of Lesser Cats at Sundarban Biosphere Reserve.
  • In collaboration with Forest Department Mitigation Plans for Human Leopard Conflict in North Bengal Forest Divisions.

Nature Mates aspires to develop an understanding of nature from all aspects and plan issue-based activities to develop a safe and healthy haven for humans and non-humans to co-exist with mutual respect.

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